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Dylan Code Collection

Last updated on 02 May 2001.


The DylanLibs project, or Dylan Code Collection, is a repository of libraries written in the Dylan programming language.

I've developed a number of re-usable libraries written in Dylan and made them available through my web site. To make maintenance easier, and to provide the ability for others to help with the development, I decided to create a SourceForge project to manage them. The result is this project.

Some of the libraries available work only with Functional Developer, a commercial Dylan system, while others work with Gwydion Dylan, an Open Source Dylan implementation.

To obtain the libraries, visit the project home page. For more information on Dylan, the programming language, visit my Dylan Programming page.

You can download dylanlibs-1.1.tar.gz here or read the readme.txt file here.


As an example of applications written in Dylan I've released all my Creatures 3 utilties that were written in Dylan as a package in the DylanLibs project. These include the source code to the Genetics Editor, Gene Comparison program, CAOS Injector, etc.

You can download creatures-1.0.tar.gz here or read the readme.txt file here.

Chris Double